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Not Alone (2010)

Track List:
  1. The Turn (instrumental)
  2. Not Alone (Lyrics)
  3. Eternity (Lyrics)
  4. Gotta Get Away (Lyrics)
  5. People Say (Lyrics)
  6. Looking For You (Lyrics)
  7. How It Is (Lyrics)
  8. Meadow (Lyrics)
  9. The Cat Came Back (Lyrics)
  10. Glowing Moon (Lyrics)
  11. Yesterday It Was Over (Lyrics)
  12. What We Make (Lyrics)

None But This Time (2005)


Track List:
  1. None But This Time (Lyrics)
  2. And Then There's You (Lyrics)
  3. Freeline (Lyrics)
  4. The Same (Lyrics)
  5. Fallen Land Girl (Lyrics)
  6. Roman Door (Lyrics)
  7. Froggie Marie (Lyrics)
  8. The Winter Song (Lyrics)
  9. Long Way Home (Lyrics)
  10. Your Eyes (Lyrics)
  11. Into the Night Sky (instrumental)


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