Here comes the rain I was not looking for
I've never wandered once outside my door
Wished it all a million times away
Here and now just let me say

You looking right, you telling right
You don't understand what you don't understand, yeah
So find a way to live everyday off of the sidelines

No more saying you'll get there in time
Let it go let it now lead your mind

Freeline, whoa oh oh
Find a way to my heart
Freeline, whoa
We're the fire, let it start

The path the stage is set enjoy your stay, here today
Along the path littered with every shade of gray
Look and see what's always been right there
Two are one now if you dare


You still looking right, you still telling but
You won't understand what you can't understand, yeah
No matter why you don't live to die fearing your sunshine

You're not gonna make it in time
Let it go let it now lead your mind