And Then There's You

In the morning when I look into your eyes
Suddenly maybe I realize
That God has sent me an angel
To teach me how to fly

Where are you going to, my dear?
Something is missing when you are not near
Hiya, Hiya

Always thought I'd be alone in the fight
Though I may not be alone at night
Cos' in the emptiness of reason
There's nothing more to see
�There's nothing more than me...

Higher - I'm never the better without you, yeah
Higher - not ever forever forgotten
And then there's you�

Letting go of everything that's left behind
Look to the past, and you're living blind
Cos' here we are now, it's done and over
With nothing left to give
�That's not a place to live

Higher - I'm never the better�

Long I've waited to see you in this light
Then out of nowhere came that night
Here I am now right by your side
And there I want to stay
�This doesn't happen everyday

Higher - I'm never the better�