Gotta Get Away

Sometimes I feel like I'm going round
The same old circles in this same old ground but I know that I am working right
And that's okay, yeah

I know these people who are finding lives
In all the places that they realize will bring happiness and warmth
And a brand new day, today

Gotta get away
Gotta get away
Gotta get away
Well I don't know I don't know why,
Gotta let go

Problems are lessons that are sent to me
Still sometimes wish the Teacher'd let me be
Cos my pencil's dull and I need sleep
Yeah I don't know the last time I counted all my sheep

Gotta get away…

Gotta get away gotta seize the day or I know I'll
Never find a way never see the day as I grow old
Everybody waits for a time and place different that this one
But hey now, right now it's all or none

Still don't know yet where I'm gonna stay
One step at a time I'll find my way
Gotta trust what I need'll be there
That's what they say, well I pray

Gotta get away…