Fallen Land Girl

There's a girl living in the fallen land
She gets up in the middle of the night to hold my hand

I did not know your secret, in the hourglass
Now I can recognize...

All the people burn inside like glowing coal
There's a time when the night comes to feed her soul

Tidings of cold winds blowing
I'm alone here, and so is she

And I can hardly wait to find my fate
In another place than here
A world wound by fear
Scared of the mirror

Taking pieces of themselves to spin the wheel
Have no idea why they do what they do, but at least it's real (isn't it?)

The twilight speaks of starlight
But hey that's out of sight
Out of sight - out of mind

And I can hardly wait…

And I think she'll eventually start to find her way
Though the demons will always lurk and await her say

Tying their cries of sorrow
But on the morrow, she'll be free

And I can hardly wait…