Yesterday It Was Over

Yesterday it was over
And today is just another day it would seem
But all of your reasons that change every season this time
Have gone with yesterday

And I've got this feelin that you've got this feelin again
Well yesterday's over

Past be damned
I hope to always hold your hand
You'll spend each passing day with me
But I see
Sometimes things are not so clear
But don't fear
Just wait and be

Oh the way you would hold me
And keep telling me that you'd never let go
Whatever happened was not happenstance for us
We just stopped holding on

I could not believe it when
You said you were leaving like that
Well yesterday's over

Past be damnedů

So today if you're lonely
There is only one thing that I can think to do
I think you know where
Hope I'll find you waiting there
So say no more yesterday

Well I've got this feeling that seeing we'll believe again
Yesterday's over

Past be damnedů