Roman Door

Nothing is as hard as this
The place where you are...
The rain is falling gently now but...
The storm's not very far

You just keep seeking higher ground
The tables have turned
I don't know what we're gonna do now
That all our bridges are burned
Why not come my way?

And when your world is taking shape
They're certain things you can't escape
The time it passes by so slowly
It'll never change

It's your time - always your time
Your time is my time
Whoa - It's my time

And when your world is taken up
By all the things you just can't stop
The time is racing by so slowly now
It'll never be the same

Well I can hardly wait to find another place to call my home
The time is burning bright
As I turn and I see
That I'm all alone

And I will try to take it back tonight
And we will be free
For now and ever will be

If I am the only one, I won't back away
But given second chances now
I still see only gray
Why not come my way?

I know it seems we tried and tried
It's just made me hollower inside
The time keeps racing on forever now
Come walk with me