Froggie Marie

We met on a day like today
It was cold outside and the sky was gray
I asked your name and I heard you say
My name's Froggie, Froggie Marie

I said well then Froggie, tell me what do you say
And nine hours later, we'd found our way
I was on the path without delay
Leading to Froggie, Froggie Marie

I don't know I don't know if I've ever been here before
Can't have the good with no bad, bring the bad and even the score

Walked in my life brought love and strife
And all on borrowed time
Loved you so much all I could be
For you Froggie Marie

Days seemed like they'd never fade
And when they started we lived a charade
Still I was happy, thought I had it made
With Froggie, Froggie Marie

I don't know if I know that I've ever been here before
We've got the good and the bad and some good
Uneven once more

Walked in my life�
Worked my mind into overtime
Trying hard to find a way to walk the line
But it seems we just cannot escape from things
That should've been left behind

The day we split, there's not a cloud in the sky
And I felt my heart was breaking as we said goodbye
But my special bond will never die
With Froggie, Froggie Marie

Now I know now I know that I've never been here before
In my mind make the trade bad will fade and good will endure

Walked in my life�