You're worried 'bout tomorrow
Afraid to lose the love that's here today
Together we're saying now to please don't runaway
In any way
Cos there's so much more

More that I thought my heart could handle
The scars are fading all away
But how could I ever love you so with all I know
And then let go

You are my healer angel make my heart feel
Nothing I have ever known oh can you be real?
And so I'll hold you heal you take you feel you be your home
We're on this road, far as eternity goes

But can love really last forever?
What are we in the Larger plan?
And where will we be someday when this lifetime turns a page?
In any age I'd know your eyes

You are my healer�

You are my love you are my heart you are my morning light
There's nothing I can't do when you're riding by my side
I'd walk the world to keep you shining bright
When the walls are down you know I'll hold you tight

The world is changing
But love can never die
And you know I want only
To feel your soul in mine

There's no escape and no pretending
That you're on your own

So may it be then my heart's finally found a name?
And yours the same?
The same�

You are my healer�