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None But This Time CD (2005)

None But This Time CD
$14.98   $13.50 (Special - 10% off everything & free shipping on all orders!)
David's debut album, None But This Time, features eleven original songs, including the richly-harmonied None But This Time, the heartbreaking The Same, the reflective and meditative Into The Night Sky and the ever-popular Froggie Marie.

Reviews for None But This Time include:
  • "Lyrical, poetic, soul-connecting..."

  • "David is much more than a singer/songwriter. He is a musical craftsman, a wordsmith whose talent to tell a story is set to some of the best original musical compositions we've heard in a long time." -- Phil Peretz, President of Indie Artists Alliance

Track List:
  1. None But This Time (Lyrics)
  2. And Then There's You (Lyrics)
  3. Freeline (Lyrics)
  4. The Same (Lyrics)
  5. Fallen Land Girl (Lyrics)
  6. Roman Door (Lyrics)
  7. Froggie Marie (Lyrics)
  8. The Winter Song (Lyrics)
  9. Long Way Home (Lyrics)
  10. Your Eyes (Lyrics)
  11. Into the Night Sky (instrumental)

None But This Time CD
$14.98   $13.50 (Special -10% off everything & free shipping on all orders!)

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