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Praise for the music of David Serotkin
  • "Rich musical textures overflowing everywhere, full of warmth, and variety... strong originality, amazing musical variety, and brilliant vocals and harmonies..." -- Cyrus Rhodes of Indie Music Digest

  • "David Serotkin is much more than a singer/songwriter. He is a musical craftsman, a wordsmith whose talent to tell a story is set to some of the best original musical compositions we've heard in a long time. His material is meaningful, moving and easy-on-the-soul.
    -- Phil Peretz, President/Founder of Indie Artists Alliance

  • "David Serotkin moves between his guitar and his keys like butter. He is a strong songwriter who never fails to provide a catchy hook, whether singing a song of loss, or celebration, or both. He wins over his audience and makes them oblivious to thoughts about whether straight-edged folk-pop is 'cool.' Full of heart and cautious optimism, his performances show instead what it means to be 'real.'" -- Christopher Waters, owner of the Nomad Cafe

  • "David Serotkin is a teacher, has a degree in English, a master's degree in consciousness studies and apparently a healthy sense of humor. Then there's his music. He's an award- winning songwriter who plays volunteer acoustic concerts around the Bay Area and recently won an award for his inspiring music...the guy sounds too good to be true, huh? But he is true..." -- Mike Osegueda of The Fresno Bee

  • "David's music soothes the soul and moves the body!!!!" -- Vernice in Berkeley, CA

  • "None But This Time is a Must Buy! The vocals are great. The music is soothing and trendy. I have listened to this album a dozen times and it just keeps getting better. I recomend spending the money to add this album to your collection! You wont be disapointed!"
    -- Jason Ruggerio in Madison Heights, MI

  • "Your voice touches my heart in so many ways..." -- Rose Stevens in Lansing, MI

  • "I listened to the whole CD and it kicks ass! Enjoyed it immensely. David's incredibly talented and I hope he comes out with a second CD!" -- Naomi Mizumoto in Hercules, CA

  • "I listened to David's CD today and it blew me away! It is so GOOD! My husband was in the other room plunking away on his guitar (he has been trying to teach himself for about a year now) and said 'who is that?!' We both just LOVE the CD! I am certain we will listen to his music for years to come and enjoy it every time as much as we did the first time." -- Diane Bennett in Lansing, MI

  • "I've gotta say, I AM IMPRESSED!!! Being a child of the 40s, my usual favorite music is that of Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw , Stan Kenton and the likes . . . but I must say, I tapped my toes and swung my head back and forth listening to None But This Time. David's voice, piano and guitar skills are terrific." -- Martha Keeler in Lansing, MI

  • "Thank you for the poster and CD! They are wonderful. You look great, and you sound even better. What you have birthed in yourself is awesome." -- Madeline in CA

  • "David's CD is like a big wave that hits you hard as soon as you push the play button and drifts out peacefully leaving a smile on your face. I'm not sure how he burned a piece of his soul on a compact disk but I can't wait to get hit by it again." -- Lou Bauer in Port Huron, MI

  • "I spent the weekend listening to your CD. It's fabulous! Lyrical, poetic, soul-connecting, bitter-sweet, and heartfelt. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Your pleasing voice, the easy flow and integration of your music and poetry combined to produce a wonderful aesthetic experience for this listener."  -- Eleanor Lew in Emeryville, CA

  • "I LOVE IT!! Something between original American folk music and Phil Collins´┐Ż I love the lyrics; instrumentation & vocals sound great!" -- Nick Cederlind in San Pablo, CA

  • "I love your music! Your chords throughout are so thoughtful and reflective, and your voice sounds wonderful!" -- Angie Delight Carr in Maui, HI

  • "David Serotkin is a very talented and smart singer/songwriter. I feel very much at home when I hear him play." -- William Farrell in Pacifica, CA