David Serotkin (pronounced Sur-AHT-kin) is an award-winning singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. An adventurer, teacher, and mystic, David is passionate about exploring the mystery and wonder of life - something that comes through in his music. His unique rock-folk sound is filled with catchy melodies, rich harmonies, insightful lyrics and groovin' rhythms.

David released his second album, Not Alone, in January 2010. Featuring 12 new songs to "soothe the soul and move the body," Not Alone echoes a call to find our own unique paths and live and love fully.

David's first album, None But This Time (2005), features 11 original songs, ranging from thoughtful ballads to poppy love tunes. Described as "Lyrical, poetic, soul-connecting…," the title track of None But This Time won a 2005 songwriting competition held by California-based Indie Artists Alliance, who chose the song out of over 200 international entries.

In Fall 2006, David was honored as Musical Artist of the Quarter by The non-profit organization recognized David's music as being "beautiful, inspiring and coming from and bringing others to a deeper spiritual connection...and that such music has a unique ability to uplift the human spirit and inspire wisdom and healing from within..."

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              Not Alone (2010)                             None But This Time (2005)

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"David Serotkin is much more than a singer/songwriter. He is a musical craftsman, a wordsmith whose talent to tell a story is set to some of the best original musical compositions we've heard in a long time. His material is meaningful, moving and easy-on-the-soul.
-- Phil Peretz, President/Founder of Indie Artists Alliance

"Rich musical textures overflowing everywhere, full of warmth, and variety... strong originality, amazing musical variety, and brilliant vocals and harmonies..."
-- Cyrus Rhodes of Indie Music Digest

"David Serotkin is a teacher, has a degree in English, a master's degree in consciousness studies and apparently a healthy sense of humor. Then there's his music. He's an award- winning songwriter who plays volunteer acoustic concerts around the Bay Area and recently won an award for his inspiring music...the guy sounds too good to be true, huh? But he is true..." -- Mike Osegueda of The Fresno Bee

"David Serotkin moves between his guitar and his keys like butter. He is a strong songwriter who never fails to provide a catchy hook, whether singing a song of loss, or celebration, or both. He wins over his audience and makes them oblivious to thoughts about whether straight-edged folk-pop is 'cool.' Full of heart and cautious optimism, his performances show instead what it means to be 'real.'"
-- Christopher Waters, owner of the Nomad Cafe

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